The Stages of Business Journey

Tesla’s valuation grew by 740% in 2020. They are now the most valuable automakers company in the world. In the early days of Tesla, Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) had a dream to build a mainstream-affordable and 100 percent electric car. However, building an affordable and 100% electric car is a really hard problem, even for the top 10 biggest automakers, that is still a big deal.

Instead of tackling it all at once, Tesla staged their journey into some particular steps. First, they built a high-performance electric sports car; the Tesla Roadster. It targeted high-end market that can afford to buy a USD200.000 car. By targeting the premium high end market, they have room to limit their production capacity and can focus on the hardest part of building electric car; the technology of the battery itself.

After success with Tesla Roadster they moved to the next stage. Launching a more moderate price car, the Tesla Model S. It costed from USD 79.000 to own this car. In this stage, Tesla started to increase its capacity to produce their product.

Today Tesla is preparing to launch the most affordable electric car that can be bundled by only USD 25.000. It does seem really close to Elon’s first dream.

Every entrepreneur has their own dream. Sometimes the dream looks impossible and is very far from their point zero. However, every journey has to take certain processes and every process has its own stages. Dividing our process into several do-able stages could make our journey more measurable and are more achievable.

Facebook companies today manage more than 1,8 billion users every day. Yes, there are 1,8 billion people in the world using Facebook as one of their channels to communicate daily. Therefore they started facebook from the stage that only served college students in the US. Who knows that there are a larger group of users outside students that became their next stage to scale.

The biggest marketplace in the world today; Amazon, started their first stage from only an online commerce selling books. Afterwards, they entered the next stage by selling more diverse products and expanded their product to be a marketplace for all types of goods.

Badr Interactive started its very first day by to be one of the most prominent software houses in Indonesia. We began our first stage by providing our service to small-medium clients who came from our own networks. In the next stage, after our portfolio got bigger (more than 100 projects) some big brands started to notice us. Currently, we are in the transition of moving to the next stage when we are trusted to handle some big-important projects on a national scale that can affect tens or even hundred millions of people.

Entrepreneur began with big-hairy-audacious-goal. We plan and started living the road. Be patient with the process, keep the dream ahead when we entered each stage of the processes. However, only Allah has the power to determine our results. To be sure it is always the best for us.

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