Get Your Hands Dirty in Your Early Days

Every entrepreneur wants to turn their business into a scalable business. It means creating a great product that serves a lot of people’s needs in the world. Hence, it is very challenging to create a scalable business without building a product that people love. We have to get customer’s preferences in order to grow and … Read more

Learning Experiences from Airbnb : from the Darkest to the Brightest Outstanding Success during Covid Era

Travel industry is one of industries that got the hardest hit during the covid era. Many travel companies reported huge drops in their revenue. Some companies also have to permanently stop their operations. Airbnb is one of the companies in the travel industry that got a big punch in their face because of covid.  They … Read more

Unescapable Challange

In your entrepreneur journey have you ever faced a problem that makes you really sad and hopeless? Our chest feels burned and our steps feel wobbled. We experienced many sleepless nights wondering countless problems in our business. We are afraid to get out of our bed and to walk into the office to meet our … Read more

More than Winning

One of the important aspects in business that becomes a big challenge for entrepreneurs is competition. We see competitors as big enemies that have to be defeated. In a talk show Nadiem Makarim told the story of how he saw his competitor; Grab. Nadiem respected his competitor very much because Gojek could not push themselves … Read more

The Victim vs The Player

Being a leader is not only about structural position, but also about responsibility to build cooperating team along with productive work ethic in it. It needs mutual respect and support for each of the members in the company. Yet that would be rather challenging when we see our team members blaming each other, especially when … Read more

Navigating Your Current Stage Using Traction Model

In my previous writing we already know that building a big business dream needs certain stages throughout the journey ahead. The stages are going to help us in breaking down particular milestones we have to achieve. Building an IDR 1 trillion Company would be more measurable when we split the target into some smaller targets … Read more

Setting Up Minimum Success Criteria

Every entrepreneur has their own big dream when they start their business. Either they want their business to be a unicorn (business valuation’s reach more than USD 1 billion) or a Phoenix (a business that can survive for hundred years). Therefore, entrepreneurs have difficulties in breaking down their big dream into certain concrete-measurable targets. Hanging … Read more

The Stages of Business Journey

Tesla’s valuation grew by 740% in 2020. They are now the most valuable automakers company in the world. In the early days of Tesla, Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) had a dream to build a mainstream-affordable and 100 percent electric car. However, building an affordable and 100% electric car is a really hard problem, even … Read more